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Finikounda villas Polilimnio

Polylimnio waterfalls

In the Prefecture of Messinia, in the community of Haravgi of the Municipality of Messina, there is Polilimnio, a complex of many lakes which due to the uneven ground create Lakes and waterfalls. The Mavrilimna lakes with Kefalovrysos, Mavrolimna and afterwards the waterfall of Kadis, dominates between the large and sharp rocks of the gorge, with its waters crawling over the surface of the lake from a height of 25 meters. The numerous lakes allow visitors to see places worthwhile without being tired especially as the local road leads them to other lakes, left Kadis, Italianos, Stathoulas and to the right Mavrolimna, Mavrolimna and the path that connects them and reaches To Kadis.

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